I’ve lived in Denver’s Northside my entire life. I skinned my knees here and had my first kiss here, and I love the diversity and beauty of the Northside’s many neighborhoods. We are strong, resilient, and committed to building a better, more equitable community for all our residents.

As someone with chronic medical conditions, I know the stress and financial obstacles to stay healthy. Every year, I struggle to keep the right insurance that includes my essential treatments. If the Republicans decimate the legal protections for those with pre-existing conditions, it will be devastating for many of us. That’s why it’s important to elect strong Democrats who will fight to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act.

My friend Michael Kiley is not a politician – he’s a public servant. Michael knows that healthcare is a human right and that no one should go bankrupt from medical bills. Michael has always been a progressive voice, representing his neighbors and everyday Coloradans. I know he’ll fight to make sure every Coloradan has access to quality affordable healthcare.

Michael is a leader in our community with a track record of getting things done. He has the vision to find common-sense solutions to the problems we’ve ignored and the political courage to stand up against those who have long forgotten us.

Michael is running a grassroots campaign and our success depends on people like you. Please join me in supporting Michael Kiley for State Representative by making a donation today.


Veronica Montoya
House District 4 resident and longtime community organizer