Growing up, I was told time and again that because of my race, gender, and economic status, I’d never succeed in life. I made it my mission to prove those voices wrong, and to become a champion for the Latino community and fight for our economic interests. We have had great success in helping our community build economic power, but I fear we may now be moving backward.

We have all seen the rapid changes Denver is undergoing. There are construction cranes all over town, building new housing. Unfortunately, too many of our neighbors in North and West Denver are being left behind, unable to afford homes in the neighborhoods they’ve lived in all their lives. I’ve spent my career working to address long-term economic problems in Latino communities in Denver, and I fear that for too many of us, our children will not be able to afford to live in the neighborhoods they grew up in.

My friend Michael Kiley is a tireless advocate for families in our district. Michael knows that living wages and affordable housing are crucial in maintaining the history and diversity our neighborhoods have built, and he will stand up to special interests and fight for economic justice for all at the Capitol.

I’m proud to support Michael Kiley for State Representative in House District 4. He is committed to ensuring economic opportunity for all Coloradans, not just the wealthy few. He will be a voice for everyday people and will work for his neighbors – not special interests.

Michael is running a grassroots campaign and our success depends on people like you. Please join me in supporting Michael Kiley for State Representative by making a donation today.


Veronica Barela
House District 4 resident and longtime organizer in Latino communities