I am proud of students throughout Colorado (including my children) who took bold action in staging school walkouts in a peaceful, constructive manner. Our children are rightfully demanding bold action from our leaders.

As your representative, I will seek common-sense laws to reduce the risk to first responders and civilians, while still supporting safe gun ownership.

The NRA claims that limiting semi-automatic rifles will unfairly constrain hunters.  Based on my research, the best hunting rifles are bolt/lever action. Hunters would still have many good options if there were restrictions on semi-automatic rifles.

The NRA also claims that semi-automatic rifles are an essential option for self-defense. Again, I did my research and found that handguns were the preferred weapon for many self-defense experts. A rifle’s size is a disadvantage in close quarters, and the power of a rifle puts family and neighbors at risk from stray bullets.

In contrast to a hunting rifle, the AR-15 is an example of a semi-automatic rifle that is designed for combat. Semi-automatic rifles can be quickly reloaded with high-capacity magazines, and can fire dozens of rounds in seconds. They have low recoil to maintain high accuracy.First responders are at a huge disadvantage when faced with a murderer on a rampage with a semi-automatic rifle.

As your representative, I will propose the following legislation for semi-automatic rifle ownership: a successful background check, mental health screening, and safety training equal to that of a police officer.  Furthermore, owners of semi-automatic rifles would be required to carry liability insurance for the intentional or unintentional harm caused by their weapon.