I was born in Denver, Colorado, to Danielle Campa and Michael Kiley Sr. I live in the Northside with my wife, Donna, and our two children, Amber and Thomas, both of whom attend public schools.

My father, a lifelong learner and avid outdoorsman, taught me the importance of public education. My mother, a dancer, taught me the value of community, art, and culture.

For generations, the people that have lived in North and West Denver have created an amazing mix of community events, schools and restaurants.  Our children thrive in an environment full of new experiences, different cultures and viewpoints.


In 2008, I was part of a parent group that saved Skinner Middle School as a neighborhood school. We successfully lobbied the school board for key resources and conducted a successful grassroots campaign to increase Skinner enrollment. Today, Skinner has a waitlist.

Following the success at Skinner, I became a leader in Choose North NOW, rallying over 1,000 supporters to help North get on the right track after multiple failed DPS-led turnarounds. Today, North High School is thriving with increasing enrollment.


We cannot accept 1950’s solutions to the challenges we face today.

I’m running for office because we need progressive champions fighting for Colorado’s working families. As your next State Representative, I’ll continue my work on behalf of our community, always putting our needs ahead of special interests.

This grassroots campaign has always been about the everyday Coloradans that make this state thrive. I know that if we work together, we can create more affordable housing options, draft forward-thinking transit plans, create economic opportunities for our children, and find ways to provide affordable healthcare for all.

I would be honored to have your voice in my campaign and your vote on Election Day.


  • A Quality Education for Every Child

    Strong neighborhood public schools are essential to an educated workforce and a thriving economy in Colorado. I will fight for increased funding, accountability measures for all schools, and work to ensure that our special education students are being served in accordance with federal and state law.

  • Ensuring Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

    Healthcare is a human right and everyone should be able to afford to pay for the care that they need. I will stand up to Donald Trump’s Administration and protect the Affordable Care Act. I will reject any attempts at cutting healthcare benefits for our seniors and our most needy.

  • Civil Rights and Social Justice

    We must protect our immigrant friends and neighbors from an unjust immigration system. We must strengthen the protections for our LGBTQ friends and neighbors. As your next State Representative, I will be a champion for the civil rights of every Coloradan to ensure that all are afforded equal protection under the law.

  • Protecting Our Environment

    Protecting our environment and increasing use of renewable energy sources is not only essential to our health, but also important to our quality of life and our Colorado economy.

    I will also work to make sure that oil and gas development is done as safely as possible, and without infringing upon the right of every Coloradan to clean air, land, and water.

  • Preserving the American Dream

    The cost of living is outpacing wages for many Coloradans. Every worker deserves to be paid a living wage, and those who grew up here in Denver should be able to afford to stay here.

    The pursuit of a living wage requires an education beyond K-12. Trade apprenticeships are important pursuits, and I will work to increase post-graduate career options for young Coloradans.